Drive Modes Optimize Ford GT Performance for Every Condition


Modes enable Ford GT to attain ideal performance, whether on-road driving on a nice summer day, contending with rain and other elements, or aggressively pursuing its limits on a closed circuit. These drive modes include in Delhi ford Mustang. Mustang Have Good Features as compare to other cars.


Ford Performance heard the criticism from drivers about just how difficult it could be to get the most out of their supercar. Ford GT engineering supervisor. Leveraging their experience from the Ford GT racing program, Ford Performance gave each mode a unique instrument cluster display, with elements prioritized to enhance the overall driving experience.

Ford GT also features an advanced, yet easy-to-use launch control system that provides optimal traction for the perfect launch every time.

Normal mode:

If you can think of a situation that constitutes everyday driving in a Ford GT, Normal mode provides it. In Normal and Wet modes, comfort suspension is available. Pressing the comfort button allows the driver to soften the car’s ride on bumpy roads by adjusting compression and rebound in the dampers, without compromising control.

Wet mode:

For this setting, the Ford GT’s ride height and other systems remain in their default settings, with the exception of throttle control calibration.

For Wet mode, throttle control is adjusted to limit the induction of slipping and sliding, enabling greater stability when driving in potentially dangerous elements.

Track mode:

While Sport mode can be used effectively for many race tracks, especially those that require a higher ride height; Track mode is absolutely hardcore and optimized strictly for race conditions.


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