Delhi Ford Endeavour–Good Tough with Customers


Ford launched the big beefy and butch new Endeavour. It was come firstly in Delhi Ford. Endeavour available in two engine options and equipped with multiple options to tackle any sort of terrain on offer.

Generations of Endeavour:

First generation (2003–2006): based on the 1998 to 2006 Ford Ranger, which in turn derives from the 1998 to 2006 Mazda B-Series.

Second generation (2006–2015): based on the 2006 to 2011 Ford Ranger, which in turn derives from the 2006 to 2011 Mazda BT-50, this model received a facelift in 2009.

Third generation (2015–present): based on the Ford Ranger (T6), and designed in Australia, but built in Thailand, available from 2015.

Off-roading and Powertrain:

There are two Duratorq engine options available in the Ford Endeavour – the 3.2-litre (one that I drove) and the smaller engine 2.2-litre. Ride comfort was extremely high, and even with no passengers onboard, the Endeavour doesn’t bounce around like its predecessor.

High speed stability is extremely good; push it around a corner and the SUV will not flinch from turning in and then taking the apex to exit the corner. As per Ford, the stability control works while cornering by controlling the torque feed to the wheels and by applying the brakes to the wheels individually so as to maintain balance. The system also makes use of gyroscopic sensors to prevent the SUV from rolling over. The large and thick steering feels good and provides comfort when doing these manoeuvres – it is light at city speeds and weighs up nicely while on the highway. High-speed braking feels really good in this massive two-tonne SUV.


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