Delhi Ford Provide the Services of Endeavou

car1, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford cars Company, Car market leader Maruti Suzuki and rival Hyundai Motor posted robust growth on the back of good sales of models like figo cars.  Pitching for an early take-off of the Goods and Services Tax.

Ford also provide the Services of Endeavou Car and it have the good Feautres in the Quality, All while its sleek aerodynamic design delivers greater fuel savings. No journey is too far. Improve your driving experience with technology that is intuitive to your needs. The Endeavour’s sensors and radars work with you, so you can simply enjoy the drive.


Delhi Ford Provide the Services of Figo


The new Ford Figo has some big shoes to fill, given that the first generation model was a massive success for Ford India; offering great drivability, robust build quality, and decent level of equipment in an attractive price range. It was one of the few hatchbacks that didn’t require a Maruti badge to catch people’s attention. the car loses the long vertical taillights for a pair of wraparound units. I am glad that the new Figo doesn’t have the bold chrome bar from the Figo Aspire, but features a well-sculpted line that adds an impression of good width.


Review of Figo

I always wanted to buy a Ford car. They are always a great vehicle in ride and handling, safety, stylish exterior aninnovative interior. I was very desperate to buy the First generation Figo. But I ended up with Maruti Suzuki Vdi Diesel as my first car. No Big complaints though accept the fact that it has no airbags. I used it for more than 125000 kms under 4 and half years, thought its time for a change.

I have used 1500 km until now. It is a pleasure to drive this vehicle around city in a Bumper to Bumper traffic (don’t have to shift gears often). With Sync technology, once me and my phone gets inside then everything is hands free,you don’t have to take your eyes of the road for making/recieving a call.


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